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Tuition and Fees


  • Tuition
    (based on 15 credit hours
    $160 per credit hour)

    $2,400 semester
    $4,800 yearly

  • Housing

    $1,000 semester
    $2,000 yearly

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Application


  • Technology
    (per year)


  • Late Payment


  • Add Course


  • Drop Course


  • Change Course


  • Graduation


  • Request Transcript


Payment Plan

The student's total semester bill (tuition and room) is divided by four (4) equal payments. The student will pay one-fourth of his/her total tuition at the time of registration as well as the monthly bill for his/her room. The remaining three tuition payments (of one-fourth each) and the three remaining monthly room payments will be due on the last days of September, October and November for the fall semester and February, March, and April for the spring semester. A 5% discount will be applied if the entire semester is paid by the end of the first month of classes.

First Semester (Fall)

1st Payment

First day of Class

2nd payment

September 30*

3rd payment

October 31

4th payment

November 30*

Second Semester (Spring)

1st Payment

First day of Class

2nd payment

February 28*

3rd payment

March 31

4th payment

April 30*

Students may make payments prior to the due dates listed above.

Students failing to satisfy their payment obligations before the 10th of each month will be charged a late fee of $25.00.

* All accounts must be current prior to students taking mid-term or final exams.

Payment Schedule

1st payment (registration, one-fourth tuition plus monthly room payment)
2nd payment (one-fourth tuition plus monthly room payment)
3rd payment (one-fourth tuition plus monthly room payment)
4th payment (one-fourth tuition plus monthly room payment)