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Christ-centered education demands that the pursuit of learning first be based upon truth. Insofar as God’s Word is truth, BSWE commits to base its entire curricula on the Bible. Instruction, e.g., academics, training, etc. will not contradict the principles of God’s Word.

Professors will only read and teach from the KJV Bible. While textbooks that contain scriptural text from other sources may be used to supplement the academic process, BSWE functions as an institution that is strictly adherent to using the KJV Bible as its fundamental tool in Christ-centered higher learning.


Christ-like ethics are expected for faculty and students alike. Insofar as BSWE is a Christ-centered, gospel-centric institution of higher learning, preparing persons for a commitment to ministry and a life devoted to growing the kingdom of God, all faculty and students will be born again believers in Christ Jesus. This relationship with our Lord and Savior demands that a right standing between God and the brethren be maintained. Therefore, all faculty and students are encouraged to promptly confess sin and will:

Walk with the Lord in honesty and integrity;
Behave with expected decorum, refraining from offensive or vulgar speech or behavior;
Respect God-given differences in persons;
Have proper regard and due respect for authority;
Refrain from all such behavior that is unbecoming to the believer’s new identity in Jesus Christ, especially such behavior that indicates a condescending and/or prideful spirit.


To ensure the health and welfare of students and faculty, a health plan has been developed and information made available to all faculty and students. The health plans ensures students have access to emergent and interceptive health care to include provisions to care for injury (first aid). To accomplish this goal the following will prevail:

All resident students must possess health care insurance;
A list of local medical care facilities is made available to all resident students via the student information system;
All full-time faculty are certified in first aid and CPR;
Facility sanitation personnel are employed and ensure that all areas are systematically cleaned;
BSWE works with local Police, Fire, and EMS and has developed a security plan that allows for shared information enabling professionals to respond to critical incidents such as fire, tornado, campus intruders, hostage situations, etc.


BSWE admits qualified students of any age, gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin and does not discriminate in the administration of any of its policies or programs. Applicants to BSWE must be born again believers, must have been scripturally baptized, and must be in good standing with their home church. All applicants, including student transfers must be willing to accept BSWE’s statement of faith, philosophy, and standard of conduct and will complete a student application providing BSWE with necessary personal, family, and spiritual information.

A written account of the student’s salvation testimony;
Three (3) recommendations (student’s pastor, a friend, and a teacher or employer);
High school transcripts (or General Education Diploma or proof of home school graduation) and additional transcripts from colleges, universities attended;
College entrance exam, e.g. ACT, SAT, etc.;
All applications will be accompanied with a $50 non-refundable application fee.