To Our Passion for God's glory among All Peoples

 Dear Friend,

We are encouraged by your desire to further the kingdom of God and your willingness to be equipped for this great work.  We appreciate your consideration of Biblical School of World Evangelism as a contributor to your ministry training.

At BSWE, missions is part of our spiritual "DNA."  We are a missionary training center.  We major in missions.  We believe the Bible and missions are one.  We believe that missions is God's idea; and therefore, the missionary purpose of God is found throughout the entire Bible.  We believe that God has been doing missions for a long time.  A missionary-making theology permeates all our efforts.  It's our foundation.  First, the Bible is absolutely God's Word.  It is where we turn for the bottom line.  Second, God is Sovereign and has no competitors.  He knows about it; He caused it; and He has a reason for it.  And third, everything is for God.  God's glory is the ultimate priority.  These are our three "friends."  This is how we describe what "makes us tick."

We are structured to "make" missionaries and missions-hearted ministry leaders.  We are primarily a resident college offering semester,  modular, and field courses.  We employ active, veteran missionaries in modular courses and require missionary students to participate in a one-year internship on the field as an integral part of their training.  We practice academic excellence but also offer practical essentials like prayer, spiritual warfare, fasting, and pre-field training (deputation).  We have hands-on classes.  We call them "action classes" (the street is the classroom) in which students gain experience through witnessing to Muslims, Jews, atheists, and others.  We have a personal touch.  Our ministry leaders and college faculty seek to provide relational mentoring with each student in an attempt to maximize his/her personal and professional growth.

How do you know if BSWE is right for you?  Here are some suggestions.  Ask God to show you where you should get your training.  Read over all our materials and search our site.  Contact us by phone, email, or the information request form and allow us to answer your questions.  Visit our training center and the other ministries here at First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

In His Work Together,

William Duttry


P.S.  If you decide to enroll, you are going to need a valid passport.