Why Train with Us?

Because our “DNA” makes us unique!

Training in doctrine from a college with a Biblical world-view perspective! The courses provided in years one and two are foundational. Our two-year Bible diploma is packed full of necessary, theological teaching and our students gain a proper perspective of who God is, what He is doing, and what He expects from every believer.

Training that helps students navigate the trials they are sure to face in Missions!  Are you considering a commitment to evangelize a people group that speaks a different language? Would it be helpful to speak that language?  BSWE teaches courses such as Language Acquisition and Articulatory Phonetics.  Students are taught phonetically and dynamically the process of acquiring a new language.  This training helps each student navigate through the difficulty of language learning.  Are you considering evangelizing a people group who live in an entirely different society and culture?  Would it be helpful to learn specific processes associated with integrating into different cultures?  BSWE teaches courses such as Cross-cultural Evangelism and Principles of Contextualization.  Students literally learn how to immerse and assimilate into a culture so that evangelism is possible.    

Internships that allow students to apply  what they have learned!   Would it help someone who has committed their life to evangelize people in foreign cultures to spend an extended period of time doing just that; experiencing first-hand the demands and spiritual battles that face the missionary?  BSWE provides 8 to 10 month internships where students spend time at the side of veteran missionaries on the mission field.  This missiology experience helps ready the missionary so that they can express confidence to those supporting them.  Imagine students graduating from college and then presenting their work while on deputation with a testimony of this “applied training”.  Now that’s a testimony churches will support!